A life full of travel, wonderful experiences, financial freedom and time with family & friends. What do you dream of?

At Compound Dreams we know that proper planning, goal setting and financial management will help you to achieve a strong sense of freedom in your life. Sometimes you may think that living life “freely” or being “carefree” will give you freedom in your life.

But, it is the opposite.

The more you make plans and set into action the steps to achieve your life goals, the more you will be able to experience freedom in your life. Freedom from financial stresses, freedom from anxiety related to improper planning and freedom to live your life on your terms.


The term “Debt to Freedom” is what YOU make of it. When you hear it, what do you think? When you read it, what goes through your mind?

When you think it, how do you feel?

For us at Compound Dreams, it makes us feel: content, happy, excited, relief, motivation to achieve it. And extremely imaginative of what our lives would be like as we embark on a journey from “Debt to Freedom”.

Debt Management –> Financial Literacy –> Freedom to Live our Dreams –> Ability to Compound our Dreams


Financial planning is not just for people who have a large investment portfolio or millions of dollars to manage. It is for each and every one of us.

Without effective planning and management, we will end up being tied down because of our debt and often stuck in the same cycle of living paycheque to paycheque.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Compound Dreams our own experiences have shown us what necessary sacrifice, hard work and planning can do. Let us help guide you on your “Debt to Freedom” journey.

Check out my personal “Debt to Freedom” journey HERE