Compound Dreams was created for clients to access Mortgage Financing Services through our Brokerage, and Real Estate Services from our business partner Devon Salomone.

At Compound Dreams we have experience with investing and we want to share how we acquired real estate, the types of investments we have and our plans for investing in the future.


There are a lot of posts about creating good daily habits, routines, gratitude, mindfulness and personal posts about family. We believe making small changes in our personal lives and mindset are what will lead us to conquering more challenging changes, and achieving our goals.

Start small and grow BIG.


Alia Bernard, Author of Compound Dreams BLOG

Hi! I’m Alia. Thank you for visiting Compound Dreams.

I am excited to share what I’ve learned about finances and investing in a way that is simple and easy to understand. In a way that helped me.

I’m on my own journey from “Debt to Freedom” and working toward achieving my goals and dreams. If you are feeling the same passion and drive to start making changes in your life, please join me.


What do you Do?

I am a licensed Mortgage Agent, working with Key Access Financial Inc. in Toronto.

What do You Love?

My family, my friends and little Benny Bean (my son Benjamin born in July of 2019). I love a good almond milk latte, London fogs and dark chocolate almonds are a real weakness. I love to travel, good eats & learning new things.

What Motivates You?

I have always had an interest in self improvement, however through my 20’s I didn’t always know what I needed to do, or how to work on bettering myself. Since I met my partner Stan and starting a family, I have become more driven and motivated to become the best version of myself. After turning 30, I felt this new sense of urgency.

I needed to start focusing on improving myself and planning for our future.

A big part of being able to accomplish this was to pay off my debt and learn better financial management skills. Now that we have a family, I am more encouraged to keep learning and growing so we can live each day happy, stress free and accomplished.

What are Your Dreams?

I dream of a life with flexibility and freedom, and the ability to provide wonderful experiences for my family. My dream is that I can excel and achieve my goals, and then guide others on their journey from “Debt to Freedom”.

Why Compound Dreams?

When I was brainstorming a name for the site I kept thinking about financial terms that were old school yet familiar. I kept thinking about compound interest and what it can do for us. So just imagine if we could compound our dreams? The possibilities are endless.

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