Furnishing Small Spaces: How to make the most of the space you have

Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to furnish a a couple small space apartments: The Paintbox Studio & The glorified Bachelor.

For today’s post I will focus on the Bachelor! The bachelor is in one of our new rental properties. It is the basement apartment and basically has 3 rooms: bedroom, kitchen & bathroom. While brainstorming with the team everyone had great ideas of how to make use of the space. The kitchen did have some extra space, so could we fit the “living room” in there too? What about the dining area? Maybe a small leaflet table and 2 bar stools you can tuck away?
Would we mount the TV? If we mounted in the kitchen, that would really limit the tenant. I truly love brainstorming because you get a chance to see all the different ideas, and imagine all the possibilities.

In the following weeks I found myself thinking a lot about the space. I loved that we were trying to give our tenant a separate bedroom from living space, but I realized that we would be extremely limited if we did that.


Best place to start? Write down your goals. My specific goals for furnishing this apartment was to create a comfortable, functional and cozy space for a tenant. A few must-haves:
1. Proper Dining Area – just because its a bachelor I always feel like its important to have a good size dining space that can accommodate guests comfortably!
2. Area to “Work from Home” (since so many are doing that these days)
3. A Comfortable Bed
4. A Cozy Living Space (I use cozy because I knew it was a small space)

There we go! 4 simple little guidelines to help this project along. I decided that the kitchen would remain solely a kitchen/dining room – with a table that could double as a desk. The bedroom would have a bit of “living room” in it. Essentially, we had a “glorified” bachelor!


I created 2 vision boards for the space: Kitchen & Bedroom. I narrowed down where we would order product from and screen grabbed pictures from there and put it altogether on a document. I love vision boards as they truly serve as a guideline to keep you inspired, and focused on the goals you set for your self.

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