Work from Home: Office on a Budget

Shortly after we moved into our new Toronto townhome and realized we would be working from home, we decided to dedicate an area to a home office. At first we thought we would use space in our bedroom loft, but as we got more into planning we realized we could maximize on the unused closet space in our guest room. So, we started planning for our $100 “Cloffice”.

The closet spans from one end of the room to the other, with 2 sets of double doors, for access. We allocated 1/3 of the the closet to making an office nook.

If you’ve been following along as we get settled in our new home, it will come as NO surprise that we turned to Ikea Canada for this $100 budget office solution!


We often use Ikea for inspiration in our home. The products, customizations and designs are aligned with our style and what we aim to achieve when organizing our home.


  • To create a functional working office space, inside our closet
  • To have enough room for the desktop, paperwork, printer and storage
  • To create a lovely office nook, with a $100 budget
  • To have a designated spot in the home for all office supplies (we aim to avoid that feeling of not knowing where something is, and having to waste time finding it)

The closet tucks away behind closed doors, and it is always a pleasant surprise when we need to use it! Since we work from home and often need space for supplies, tools and paperwork it was important to have a space that we love to use.

We already had storage containers, a magnet board and the string lights. It was helpful to use what was already on hand, to finish the space. TIP: Try to buy a lot of multi-use items, that are functional to use in different rooms in your home. Some of our old Storage Boxes were set up on the shelf in the closet, to store all our extra “stuff”. For a full list of products we purchased check out our Ikea Shopping cart below.


$29.99 – Linnmon/Adils Table – White Desk
$4.99/2pack – Tjena Mazagine File – Floral
$4.99 – Rejsa Small Metal Box – Grey/Green
$9.99 – Rejsa Large Metal Box – Grey/Green
$23.99 – Skadis Peg Board – Wood
$5.00 – Skadis Storage Container – White
$8.00 – Skadis Shelf – White
$4.00/2pack – Skadis Clips – White

TOTAL: $90.95


  • Identify your project goals & budget
  • Decide what can be compromised vs. the ” must haves”
  • Source materials (take time to RESEARCH before buying, it will be worth it)
  • Let go of the unreasonable, aim for practical & functional
  • Make it a space that you love, and be happy with your result

It is so important to create spaces in your home that you just love. It doesn’t have to be filled with the most expensive things, but you should include items that bring a smile to your face. If you follow these tips you will have a space that is functional, easy to use, and one that you love.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

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