Simple Storage Solutions, on a Budget

You know those beautiful closet set ups that just make you go, “ooh, ahh!” Or the before and after photos of pantry organization? I just love seeing those when I’m scrolling through Instagram for inspiration.

What I don’t love is the cost that is often associated with making such a drastic change. When it came to organizing our entry way closet and Office in a Closet, I had 3 goals:

1. To be Organized
2. To be Clean
3. To look Good


Our usual “go to” for new home projects is Ikea.

Since we moved into our new Toronto townhome, we have found ourselves back on the Ikea Website, time and time again. Really can’t beat what Ikea offers with regards to: price, solutions & efficiency.

At first I still found myself looking at different styles of boxes. Something that would give that WOW factor and that would that would get an “ooh, ahh!” reaction.

My partner talked me back down to reality. I mean, we were talking about a space that would be largely behind closed doors. For these projects we needed more “practical” over “pretty”.

Ultimately we wanted a good sized storage container, with lids, that we could see through (for ease of finding things) and that would stack.


For the entry way closet, we purchased the Samla box with Lid. They sell for $2.99 to $6.99.

For our home Office in a Closet, we used some old boxes we had from a few years ago. The Kuggis box with lid. These ones sell for $11.99.

Super happy with the price, and storage capacity. I decide to go one step further and make a little project out of it.


For the box labels I used 3M Command spring Clips. Very easy to install and switch out the labels, as needed! We found them at The Home Depot and on

Once the clips are stuck to the boxes, you could use a printer, or little flash cards to write out the labels for the boxes. I had picked up a gold and silver sharpie marker from Dollarama. A nice, inexpensive way to add a little bit of “pretty” to the space.

For more tips on storage solutions and organization, stay tuned for upcoming posts and projects!

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