The Choices We Make Define Us

“Thoughts create our feelings. Feelings drive our actions. Actions create our results”

Happy Friday Friends! Beautiful sunny day in Toronto. Perfect day to do some early spring cleaning, organizing and even more “settling in” at our new townhome.

At the beginning of the month we moved from our 1 bedroom basement apartment to a much larger 3 bedroom townhome. We like to think of this new place as our forever home (for now at least!).

I felt motivated to write this post because I just experienced a moment of personal growth. An action that I chose to do had a bigger impact on me, than I would have ever expected.


2 days ago it was recycling day in our new complex. Our neighbour put out garbage bags instead. We noticed on the last garbage day, she put out recycling. Regardless, whatever she put out was picked up. Still I found it odd she didn’t seem to pay much attention.

Not my problem, right?

Well she must have put out a broken ceramic serving dish, that somehow got missed. It was now in a few large broken pieces on the driveway right in front of us. My husband had warned me not to park right in front, as he didn’t want to ruin our tires.

I found myself getting a little annoyed that it is now 2 days later and the pieces are still out there. And now in even smaller broken pieces because of all the cars and delivery trucks that have been in and out of the complex. Every time I looked out of our living room window I would see the blue, broken pieces and wonder what the neighbour was thinking.

In the past I may have gone down a train of thoughts that included “what is wrong with her? Is she crazy?” OR “how can someone be so oblivious and inconsiderate?” OR “I am going to knock on her door and tell her to pick up her mess!”.


I just put my son down for his nap, and I looked out the window and saw those broken pieces. I didn’t like to see them there in front of our house, and I decided I didn’t care about what my neighbour did. I put on my gloves, grabbed a bag, went outside and picked up the pieces.

It took me less than 5 minutes.

In less than 5 minutes I had solved a problem that was bothering me. I had cleaned up in front of our house. I chose this action and I was so happy with the result! Who knows about the neighbour. Maybe she doesn’t care. Maybe she is busy at work. Maybe she is struggling right now. I chose not to assume the worst in her, as a human being. The way she lives her life should absolutely NOT control my feelings. Only I can control them.


I wanted to share this because in one simple action I was able to fully take control of MY life and all MY emotions. Only I am responsible for that. The lessons here are:

  1. Don’t assume the worst in others
  2. Don’t be bothered or question the actions of others
  3. Take control and take action of your life
  4. Be happy with the choices you make

Thanks for reading! After I post this on the BLOG I am going to make a latte and sit by our living room window. Time to enjoy the beautiful, clean view.

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