“Let’s Talk!” Starting a Podcast – pt 2

Hi Friends! Thank you for checking out this post on Starting a Podcast, with Amanda Narula. If you haven’t read pt 1 – you can read it HERE!

As mentioned in pt 1 – I was fortunate enough to be asked to join Amanda Narula and Shriya Dayal, as a guest speaker on their podcast “Hold my Chai”. It was such a fun experience. Just writing this post and remembering that day that we recorded…it still brings such a smile to my face.

Thanks to these two amazing individuals, I was reminded of why I started Compound Dreams, and given that extra push of motivation I needed to get back into working on the BLOG.


COMPOUND DREAMS: When did you decide that you wanted to start a podcast and why? 

AMANDA: Like we spoke about on the podcast, Shriya and I always loved the idea of creating our own platform where we could speak ours minds and be authentic to who we are individually. Back in March when the lockdown came down, Shriya had the perfect idea of using that extra free time towards Hold My Chai

COMPOUND DREAMS How did you come up with the name and what is the theme? 

AMANDA: Another Shriya credit. She’s the creative of our brand. I think it’s perfect because we’re two South Asian 20-something year olds that have a lot of respect for our culture and love staying involved with what’s relevant today. 

COMPOUND DREAMS: Did COVID impact the podcast in any way? 

AMANDA: COVID gave the podcast it’s start! We talked about it on ep 1. Even in dark, uncertain times we always have something to be grateful for. 

COMPOUND DREAMS: How do you choose guest speakers? 

AMANDA: So far we’ve worked with friends/family who we feel comfortable with. As we open ourselves up to this platform and grow, I hope our guest speaker list will broaden as well. 

COMPOUND DREAMS: Would you ever consider doing a VLOG or Youtube Channel? Why or why not? 

AMANDA: I love watching a good vlog. It’s such an admirable act of vulnerability by putting yourself out there in every sense! Who knows what the future holds but I definitely love podcasts and the flexibility you get as a listener. 

Make a decision and have conviction.

Amanda Narula, on Hold my Chai

COMPOUND DREAMS: Do you keep a schedule for post dates and topics? And how do you manage to stay on schedule with work, life, family, friends etc? 

AMANDA: This is very much a work in progress! We started our podcast as a hobby so we both do a good job in not applying artificial pressure and deadlines that take away the fun. That being said, we’ve taken a long hiatus and I’m excited to get back into the swing of things with a clear plan for our next few episodes. 

COMPOUND DREAMS: What do you hope to achieve with this podcast? 

AMANDA: Learning and stepping out of my comfort zone. I love talking to wonderful people (like you) who can teach me things. I’m also okay with having controversial issues discussed because having a conversation can take away so much of the fear of the unknown. 

COMPOUND DREAMS: What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a podcast, but doesn’t really know exactly how to begin? 

AMANDA: As they all say, just do it! Honestly, Hold My Chai is still in its infancy and both Shriya and I have a list of things we want to do with the platform. We’ve been good about working for “progress, not perfection”. The stress of getting it right holds the proverbial “us” back all too often. 

COMPOUND DREAMS: What is one piece of advice that someone has given you, that you will never forget and why? 

AMANDA: Make a decision and have conviction. In a world where there’s no shortage of choice, options and diverging paths in almost anything we encounter, I love the confidence I feel from letting myself off the hook. I feel comfortable making a decision and sticking with it. If I’m wrong, I’ll learn from it. But I know I won’t get anywhere if I don’t move forward at all. 

COMPOUND DREAMS: If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to start a new venture, hobby, job or endeavour – what would it be? 

AMANDA: There’s only one of you and you’re awesome. Any endeavour you want to pursue is better off with you involved because there’s only one of you and that makes it special. 

“Let’s Talk!” Starting a Podcast – pt 1 with Shriya Dayal
Check out “Hold my Chai” Podcast HERE!

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