“Let’s Talk!” Starting a Podcast – pt 1

So it is a rainy Thursday in October, the perfect kind of day to cozy up with a nice warm blanket, old movie and the perfect cup of tea. Or should I say…Chai?!

A little while ago I was fortunate to be interviewed on the podcast “Hold My Chai”. Started by Shriya Dayal & Amanda Narula. (The episode will be posted soon!)

“Let’s Talk!” Starting a Podcast – pt 1 is my interview with Shriya Dayal. I have had the pleasure of knowing Shriya for a few years now. She is married to my sisters brother-in-law, so I am happy to be able to call her family. I know that we will have many more inspiring and motivation conversations and collaborations in the future. Being featured on “Hold my Chai” was the perfect start.

If you are curious to learn more about starting a podcast, and what motivated Shriya and Amanda to start, check out our interview below.


COMPOUND DREAMS: When did you decide that you wanted to start a podcast and why? 

SHRIYA: When COVID-19 hit earlier this year, I wanted to express my feelings but also try and do something I’d always wanted to do with all the free time I suddenly had. I thought: “podcasting could be cool!” and reached out to a good friend I made at work, Amanda Narula, whom I always enjoy talking to.

We always have really insightful conversations and she absolutely loves listening to podcasts so I knew she’d be the perfect partner. The main reason behind it was to just reach out and talk about how we were feeling. Being able to share it with others and have people listen is a bonus!

COMPOUND DREAMS: How did you come up with the name and what is the theme? 

SHRIYA: Amanda and I always discuss a wide range of topics, so we had some trouble thinking of a name at first. We didn’t want to pigeon hole ourselves into a specific category. I randomly thought of the name one day and thought it was perfect given we’re both Indo-Canadian girls, but also, chai just symbolizes comfort to me, and that’s what I want to provide for people through this new project – especially now.

We haven’t landed on one theme yet, but right now, we’re enjoying talking to different women with varying interests, hobbies and careers.

The main reason behind it was to just reach out and talk about how we were feeling. Being able to share it with others and have people listen is a bonus!

Shriya Dayal, on Hold my Chai

COMPOUND DREAMS: Did COVID impact the podcast in any way? 

SHRIYA: Only by giving birth to the idea 😉 COVID-19 is a really stressful time for everyone, and I knew that if I was feeling anxious about the times, many others around me must be as well. Our first episode focused on the mental health aspect of the virus and all the different feelings we were having during the first outbreak. From there, we branched out and started talking about what else we could cover during each episode.

COMPOUND DREAMS: How do you choose guest speakers? 

SHRIYA: Amanda and I literally went through a list of all the interesting people we know and started reaching out to our collective network. We’re so thankful so many people are interested in talking to us!

COMPOUND DREAMS: Would you ever consider doing a VLOG or Youtube Channel? Why or why not? 

SHRIYA: Definitely! I work in social media, and see how much traction video always gets online. I think videos are a great way to not only give the podcast some visual appeal, but also, I personally love seeing people’s reactions and facial expressions when they’re having a conversation.

COMPOUND DREAMS: Do you keep a schedule for post dates and topics? And how do you manage to stay on schedule with work, life, family, friends etc? 

SHRIYA: We haven’t done a great job sticking to it, but I did create a schedule/content calendar for us to try and follow. We mostly use it as a guide right now and update it when we can.

COMPOUND DREAMS: What do you hope to achieve with this podcast? 

SHRIYA: I can’t speak for Amanda, but my only goal is to try and help people by providing a personal view on a range of topics. My hope is that by discussing my own feelings and thoughts, I can prove that talking things out is a great way to relate to others and feel more comfortable opening up to your peers. At a high level,

I’d love to cover what wellness, productivity and self-care look like to me as a woman in Canada.

COMPOUND DREAMS: What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a podcast, but doesn’t really know exactly how to begin? 

SHRIYA: I know it’s cliche, but just START! For me, overthinking my ideas is normal, and I find it hard to just take the leap. We don’t use fancy equipment at all, I am still using the apps and recording devices on my laptop/phone for everything. Starting this passion project made me feel so accomplished and just releasing episode one was a huge step for me…and it feels awesome. Hearing feedback from people on how much they enjoy listening is just the icing on the cake.

COMPOUND DREAMS: What is one piece of advice that someone has given you, that you will never forget and why? 

SHRIYA: Things are usually scarier in your head. I’ve come to realize that tackling things in small steps is key to my success and that once I get started, things actually fall into place a lot easier than I’ve imagined them (most of the time). 

COMPOUND DREAMS: If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to start a new venture, hobby, job or endeavour – what would it be? 

SHRIYA: Don’t underestimate your network! People around you are full of great ideas and are experiencing different things all the time. I get super motivated by this idea and I always love talking to my friends and family about anything and everything to get their perspectives – whether it’s about work or play.

I highly encourage everyone to bounce their own ideas off those around them, especially if they’re thinking of starting something new.

“Let’s Talk!” Starting a Podcast – pt 2 with Amanda Narula
Check out “Hold my Chai” Podcast HERE!

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