365 Days Gratitude Challenge

Hello and happy Wednesday! Almost at the end of September and already feeling that urge to refresh, rejuvenate and re-start.

I have been thinking about my mindset for a while now, and trying to learn ways to stay more positive, more grateful and just generally more happy. I catch myself somedays feeling easily frustrated, irritated and annoyed. And for what? I have way too much to be grateful for and I allow myself to be consumed by the negative, when I should be embracing the positive.

It got me thinking that I wanted to start a challenge. I needed to challenge myself to be happy.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy! It is so simple, yet challenging.

But if I could simply change how I was thinking about a situation, or my daily experiences I should be able to just be happy. Instead of doing a 365 Days of Happiness Challenge, I decided to challenge myself to 365 days of Gratitude.

Why Gratitude?

Gratitude leads to both happiness and abundance, and I know I have
plenty to be grateful for. Also with Thanksgiving just around the corner,
it aligned well with the timing of this challenge. I didn’t want to wait
until the new year to make this sort of “resolution” or “plan”.

So please join me! Sharing this challenge on Compound Dreams, and
sharing it on social media with friends and family will only hold me
that much more accountable. Plus, I figure if there are people around
me who want to do the same we could motivate each other, and share
what we are grateful for each day, week or even month.

I am ready to start now! Because the present is really the best time to
start. Something I have learned when starting this blog is that you just
need to DO IT! So, here I go…365 Days of Gratitude.

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