Welcome to Compound Dreams! In this post you will learn a little more about what I do, why I started the blog and what I hope to achieve.

What I do.

I am a licensed Mortgage Agent, working with Key Access Financial Inc FSCO 12934. in Toronto. I have also recently joined my husband Stanley, and our good friends & business partners on their new ventures in real estate investing. To learn more CLICK HERE.

What Motivates Me.

I have always had an interest in self improvement, however through my 20’s I didn’t always know what I needed to do, or how to work on bettering myself. Since I met my partner Stan and starting a family, I have become more driven and motivated to become the best version of myself. After turning 30, I felt this new sense of urgency.

I needed to start focusing on improving myself and planning for our future.

A big part of being able to accomplish this was to pay off my debt and learn better financial management skills. Now that we have a family, I am more encouraged to keep learning and growing so we can live each day happy, stress free and accomplished.

My Dreams.

I dream of a life with flexibility and freedom, and the ability to provide wonderful experiences for my family. My dream is that I can excel and achieve my goals, and then guide others on their journey from “Debt to Freedom”.

Why Compound Dreams?

When I was brainstorming a name for the site I kept thinking about financial terms that were old school yet familiar. I kept thinking about compound interest and what it can do for us. So just imagine if we could compound our dreams? The possibilities are endless.

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