About the Author

Welcome to Compound Dreams!

What I do.

All through high school & University I placed a strong focus on the food service industry. When I met my partner Stanley back in 2015, he introduced me to the world of Real Estate & Investing! From serving plates to –> Real Estate, I have recently joined Stanley and our good friends & business partners on their ventures in Real Estate investing. To learn more CLICK HERE.

What Motivates Me.

I have always had an interest in self improvement, however through my 20’s I didn’t always know what I needed to do, or how to work on bettering myself. Since I met my partner Stan and starting a family, I have become more driven and motivated to become the best version of myself. After turning 30, I felt this new sense of urgency.

I needed to start focusing on improving myself and planning for our future.

A big part of being able to accomplish this was to pay off my debt, learn better financial management skills and to start setting tangible goals for myself. Now that we have a family, I am more encouraged to keep learning and growing so we can live each day happy, stress free and accomplished.

My Dreams.

I dream of a life with flexibility, freedom, plenty of travel & the ability to provide wonderful experiences for my family. My dream is that I can excel and achieve my goals, and then guide others on their journey from “Debt to Freedom”.

We also have a 3-5 year goal to buy in a vacation home in Prince Edward County! Stay tuned for more on the dream vacation home, and our progress along the way.

Why Compound Dreams?

When I was brainstorming a name for the site I kept thinking about terms that were timeless, yet familiar. I like how compound interest is related to money and investing, and can also be used to describe an area of land. This was a nice connection between my experiences with real estate investing & at the same time in 2021 settling into our new home.

We know about compound interest and what it can do for us. So just imagine if we could compound our dreams? The possibilities are endless.

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