Simple Steps to Planning

Hello and Happy Friday! This is my very first post on the topic of planning. This post is simple, to the point but will be elaborated on in future posts. For now I just wanted to share our steps to planning and achieving our goals.

My partner, Stan, is a very systematic person. His decision making process is quick and to the point. A lot of the “processes” and “systems” we have in our life are because of what he is able to do.

I am grateful he has been motivating me to learn the same. I hope we can now motivate all of you as well. Enjoy Reading.

  1. Know the Dream
    The first step is to make sure you know exactly what it is you want to make happen. Write down your dreams, write down your goals.

  2. Make the Plan
    Make sure to run through all the different scenarios about how you can make the dream a reality. Write and review the best steps and options of achieving the dream. Choose the best option.

  3. Brainstorm and ACCEPT the Various Outcomes
    Sometimes you may need to make some alterations to what you want in your life. Sometimes there are outside forces causing your plans to change, so it is important to take the control back. Take it back. When you are accountable you have the control, and that is the most important part about planning for your life.

    Be OKAY with the altered dream. Be HAPPY with the new plan or goal.

    Sometimes you have to do this 3, 5 maybe 10 times. If there is construction on the road, you must find another route to your destination. If one destination is calling for some bad weather, you will still have a few more destinations to choose from because you’ve made a plan for unexpected changes.

    It is okay, because you are okay with it. It is okay, because you chose it.

  4. Get to Work
    Dreams without action will never be a reality. It is your job to make the dream materialize. It is up to you to achieve your goals. Get your plan in place – in writing. It is so imperative that you write things down. Goals, plans, lists. Write it all down.

  5. Be Happy with the Outcome. No Regrets.
    So you had proper planning in place and considered all the various outcomes/results. You kept control over planning your goals and you controlled the journey. Now it is important to be happy with your end result. Regretting and wishing you had done things differently doesn’t help you at all.

    There is no point wasting time with regrets.

    There was a reason you planned your journey in a particular way. There was a reason you chose a specific dream or goal. Make it happen and be happy when it happens. Now, onto the next dream!

    REPEAT Steps 1 to 5.

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